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Industry-leading software developers and managers ensure the highest quality delivered across the globe

Developing, maintaining & optimising digital tools for your business. 


Our Process




Our initial talks and requirement specifications will be handled in the first part of the process. Here we strive to make the client feel heard and understood, our focus is always the client's wishes. The initial part of the process is facilitated during meetings to clarify and rectify certain decisions and methods.



The second pillar of our processes consists of the most essential parts of solution development. In this stage, the team at Relu Solutions will work day and night to make your digital dreams come true. We work in constant iterations always aiming to improve teamwork, communication and project management.



The final part of our digital process is of utmost importance, testing. Relu Solutions' main focus during all projects is to test the solution. We test it with the client, the end-user, owners, shareholders and any other stakeholder in the project. All to ensure the maximum level of satisfaction with the delivered product. If you want the perfect solution for your digital dream, the only way is through testing.



Relu Solutions was founded in 2020 with the goal of creating digital solutions for all organisations with a digital dream of expanding, maintaining or optimizing their current business model, processes and systems. The team at Relu Solutions always persists through the entire development and deployment of any digitalization or digitization of our client's systems or processes. Our focus is and always will be to have our client's gains at the centre of our ideation and creation processes.


Our vision is neatly portrayed in the machine learning landscape, Rectified Linear Unit (ReLU). It draws a parallel to our aim of transforming any negative situation in which our client is being weighed down or challenged into a positive and prosperous one by defining, developing and deploying their optimal digital solution. Our vision also entails creating and nurturing sustainable approaches to digitizing and digitalizing organizations across a broad diversification of industries.


The technologies utilized by the team at Relu Solutions to aid in the creation of digital solutions include but are not limited to NodeJS, Python, Java, ReactJS, React Native, Cloud Services, CMS Systems, Social Media and Digital Marketing Tools. By making use of these cutting edge technologies, we at Relu Solutions can design and develop digital solutions that are industry-leading in quality, usability and reliability.


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