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There ain't no such thing as free software

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

When implementing IT, working with free software may be tempting for companies wanting to save money, but frequently there are hidden fees when applying free software at scale.

Choosing the right software free or paid can be a detrimental decision for a company expanding its IT offers.

There has been an alternative called Heroku for many years, offering a free PaaS service. A PaaS provides an out-of-the-box solution for hosting your application, where “Heroku” enables users to set up a running application with just the click of a few buttons. Where hobby software enthusiasts and smaller companies can host their applications for free, this has been the go-to Cloud Service Provider for many other developers and me when getting started with a new project.

Salesforce owns Heroku, which, like many other software companies, has met some financial struggles over the last year.

The result has been that Heroku no longer offers its services for free, devastating for many hobby developers and smaller businesses.

Other software products like GitHub Copilot, which is a product that enables lazy developers to be even lazier by suggesting code completions based on Artificial Intelligence have also shifted their business model to a paid version.

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