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SAV Case Story Cover

Client case: SAV-Systems
Delivering Transparency in Complex Operations

The situation

SAV Systems (SAV), located in the UK, is an established provider of energy-efficient heating and ventilation solutions, including optimised usage of scarce resources such as electricity and water. The common denominator of all SAV's efforts is to make the best possible use of the earth's resources within the demand of the decarbonisation agenda. SAV offers solutions in terms of Metering, Space Heating, Heat Interface Units, and Smart Ventilation. Since 1997, SAV Systems have completed more than 6,500 projects across the UK.

The challenge

However, all the measurements and data collected were not mapped optimally to the projects, buildings, plots, and apartments with installed meters. All systems operated separately with no exchange or central data gathering. Which meant  SAV lacked an overview of processes on a project basis and for the company as a whole. For instance, it wasn’t easy to assess the status of a specific delivery or installation as the data came from different, separate sources.

"Before the new system by Relu Solutions, we had to rely on paper or spreadsheets. Our operations are fairly complex, but we could not track our processes and products. We needed to get that systematised to bring transparency into our operations to be efficient and to be able to deliver the proper service. We had people leaving the company because it was too stressful to deal with frustrated customers who wanted to know what was happening with a particular meter, project, or similar. We could not tell them as we did not have the right systems in place." says Lars Fabricius, Managing Director of SAV Systems.

To become a truly data-driven enterprise, SAV wanted a new system encompassing all systems and their data. This solution should enable SAV to:


  • Monitor their warehouses with ease

  • Track employee efficiency for multiple roles in the company 

  • Increase transparency among team members without more meetings

  • Become more agile and responsive to clients and their changing needs to better serve an optimal customer experience.

  • Create a Single Source of Truth for every project completed by SAV

The solution

SAV asked Relu Solutions to design such a solution. The result is CTR, Cradle To READy, an internal system for an overview of all processes, projects and customers.


The system developed by Relu enables SAV to map the data from the individual meters to the exact plots/apartments in which they’re installed. This allows for further analysis of waste, leaks and the like between multiple projects or apartments. Such features are crucial to reaching Net Zero and achieving the decarbonisation goals put forward by the UK Government. The system comes with an intuitive interface making it easy for the user to get an instant overview.

"The solution developed and delivered by Relu Solutions provides crucial transparency into our operations. We can do cost accounting across the board. We can see the productivity of each employee in production, enabling us to implement piecework. And we can monitor the performance of a specific meter in one particular flat on any day," explains Lars Fabricius.

The future

The next step for SAV and Relu Solutions is to work seriously with data analytics to improve transparency and optimise productivity - as well as automate and improve product pricing, invoicing to clients and increasing the internal transparency of deals made and closed.

"When embarking on the project, the choice for a partner was between an established software house or Relu Solutions, a relatively small enterprise with excellent skills and an abundance of enthusiasm. We went with the latter, and they truly delivered their promise. We look forward to working on more projects to make SAV Systems even more competitive," says Lars Fabricius.

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